ZEACONS | A-Z iBeacon Solutions

CELEBRATE AUDIENCES Anywhere and Everywhere

Amplify concert hall, stadium and performance space experiences, Reward your biggest fans and attendees, Streamline attendee experiences through auto ticketing and real-time navigation, Increase fan socialization and enjoyment with gamification, Enhance and personalize the conference and seminar experiences, Extend venue experiences to retail outlets for activation.


Event Experiences

With more contextual communication to your event audience, you can achieve the event goals more confidently. Zeacons can enable you from ideation to implementation to help develop your next LBA enabled App.


Zeacons can empower your associates with data driven decisions and align schedules with real-time customer patterns, furthermore you can optimize venue and kiosk strategies with real time analytics


With Zeacons you can Realize deep, real-time customer intelligence and Generate new, real-time insights of fan or attendee behavior. Also you can track real-time attendee movements and behaviors

Technology Experts

Our team is well equipped with tools in iOS and Android for iBeacons/Eddystone implementation. In special cases, Indoor Venue Navigation can also be provided.

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