Create Contextually Rich Mobile Experiences

Our application knows where you are and will augment reality to help you navigate and interact with the physical world.

Use iBeacons to drive footfall and sales

One of the most important jobs a business has, is listening to their clients.

Contextual information can enhance the overall user experience.

Smart devices in range receive those signals and compatible installed apps can then respond. The exact form of that response – whether a notification or another action – is up to you; our platform is fully flexible.

There are a lot of situations where applying the two key concepts of Proximity technology including: micro-location and interaction/engagement/context can prove to be very valuable. The great news about beacon technology is that both Apple (with iOS and OS X) and Google (with Android) support Bluetooth Smart – this means very, very broad availability (literally millions of devices are already beacon-enabled) and no danger of launching services that only target a single OS.

Effectively Use iBeacons

A-Z iBeacon Solutions

 A complete solution for creating and deploying proximity-based experiences and apps, based on iBeacon(TM) and Eddystone(TM) technology for Android and iOS.